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As a career changer in the  Agriculture

Our family farm is run by Jean-louis Colling, Alice Colling-von Roesgen and Greg Colling. We took over the farm from Alice's parents in 2000. Jean-louis previously worked as a department manager at a Luxembourg bank, and at the age of 40, together with his family, decided to go into farming. As lateral entrants, we worked our way into farming and decided to switch to organic farming in 2001, as sustainability is incessant for us. In the following years we tried as much as possible to come into direct contact with our customers, as it is important to us to supply society with healthy food and to be independent of large companies. We have been supporting research in organic farming for many years and therefore cooperate with IBLA.

IBLA - IBLA | Institut fir Biologësch Landwirtschaft an Agrarkultur Luxemburg a.s.b.l.


In 2020 our son Greg joined the farm. Greg has worked as a social pedagogue for several years and now brings new ideas for the future of the company.


Jean Louis Colling

Alice von Roesgen

Greg Colling

Wer sind wir?: Meet the Team
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