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Animals and Fields

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Organic Chicken

Our chickens can run freely on the meadow every day, where they have about 4 hectares of space at their disposal. We have chosen a slow-growing breed to guarantee a high quality of meat. Our chickens have a three times longer life span than industrially fattened chickens, in order to do justice to the natural ageing process. We do not use antibiotics for preventive treatment, nor genetically manipulated chicken breeds.

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Bio Herd

Our herd enjoys life on the pasture from spring to the end of autumn. In winter, when it gets cold and wet, the animals all come to our open-front stable, which is laid out with straw and plenty of space. Here the cows get hay, lucerne, clover grass and cereal muesli from our own cultivation.


From the beginning to the end

It is important to us to accompany the animal from birth to slaughter, so that we have everything in our own hands. This enables us to guarantee our quality, because so we have the control over all developments and processes. After slaughter, we carve the meat on our farm, just as our customers prefer or have ordered. Everything from the animal is used and packaged appropriately, as the basic idea of respectful handling of food and sustainability is the basis of our work here.


Our Fields

Our soils are our most valuable tools. For that reason it's important to manage our farmland in such a way that future generations will still be able to use the fertility of the earth. We maintain a high humus content by sowing correct and regularly different plant cultures on our fields. In this way, many plants can thrive and insects can find a habitat. As you can see in this picture, it also gives us a beautiful landscape. 
With the help of legumes, such as lucerne, clover, peas, etc., we enrich our soils with nitrogen. These plants bind the nitrogen molecules from the air and store them in the soil for subsequent crops. This means that we do not need chemical fertiliser, whitch production requires a lot of fossil energy.

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